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On July 28, 1886 the City of Bessemer was founded by Henry F. Debardeleben. A desire to organize a fire department to include citizens led to a meeting on December 5, 1888. At this meeting approximately 40 citizens signed the roll and the first company was formed, officially organizing the Bessemer Fire Department. On Sunday afternoon, December 16, 1888 at exactly three o’clock the Bessemer Fire Department made its first run. As reported in the “Bessemer Journal”, it was a fire that was extinguished in a little over three minutes. And so started a tradition to provide quick response and a high level of commitment to the citizens of Bessemer.

The city of Bessemer Fire Department today is one of the finest in the Southeast. The department has 109 firefighters and serves the city of Bessemer through five fire stations. The city has a Class 1 ISO rating.

Mission Statement

The officers and firefighters in the Bessemer Fire Department are committed to be the best in our profession. We are committed to provide the citizens and visitors of our community, whom we are sworn to protect; with the best fire protection and emergency medical care available anywhere. Continuous training, our everyday actions, proficiency of skills, and service to our community will demonstrate this commitment.

Fire Stations

  • Fire Administration
    1111 Second Avenue North
    Bessemer, AL 35020 

  • Fire Station No. 1
    800 North 18th Street

  • Fire Station No. 2
    1124 Hall Avenue

  • Fire Station No. 3
    2316 Morgan Road SE

  • Fire Station No. 4
    491 Flint Hill Road

  • Fire Station No. 5
    1709 Long 12th Street North. 


Randall McFarland 
Fire Chief
1700 Third Avenue North
Bessemer, Alabama 35020
tel: 205 428-5151 phone
tel: 205 428-5194 fax